Boat Detailing Services

Protecting Your Boat’s Appearance

Nautical Detailers LLC in Wilmington, NC offers an amazing Seal & Shine protection product EverSeal 1.0 for the interior and exterior of boats. Our products have been formulated to Bond to fiberglass and be optically clear.  Just one affordable application of our crystal-clear liquid exterior and interior product creates an invisible breathable shell at a molecular level, protecting your topside from fine scratches, harmful UV Oxidation deterioration and Color fading.

Our clear coat shield will provide your boat years and years of protection. Your brass, dashboard, vinyl, carpets, interior ceilings and furniture will be protected from the harsh elements.
Our products have no harmful chemicals, are non-toxic, Eco-friendly, unscented and semi-permanent. It is ideal for both new and used boats. EverSeal 1.0 eliminates odors by sealing in those odors, creating a hard surface that new odors can’t penetrate.
As a part of our customer comes first policy, we can pick up your boat and bring it to our enclosed  secured facility and than deliver your boat back to you. We also provide you with a video stream of our application process . EverSeal 1.0 comes with our 3 year transferable warranty. All Major Credit Cards are accepted for payment.

About Our Products

EVERSEAL 1.0 is a surface protection coating that contains UV blocking chemicals, stain inhibitors and odor eliminating solutions. EVERSEAL 1.0 is a non-toxic, and contains amorphous titanium dioxide, Quartz Silicon dioxide, crystal dioxide, Potassium Silicate, Zirconium, Aluminum oxcide and Diamond Quartz nano-particles  creating a hard ceramic result within a water based carrier solution that creates a robust bond between our EverSeal 1.0 to the treated surface.

EVERSEAL 1.0 creates a powerful, clear dry ceramic coating that when applied to a properly prepared and clean surface, bonds to it and creates a incredibly strong thin layer that forms a semi-permanent ceramic film. Because the titanium phosphate and other organic chemical elements that are mixed with water will allow the product to be power sprayed on or hand applied. The solution easily surrounds and hardens on the surface of the material it is applied to. This coating forms the contact surface above the factory materials, ( earning a rating of 9H Pencil strength rating ) protecting these materials from airborne contaminants, organic matter staining, UV damage and fading.

Our product is infused with environmentally friendly UV and oxidation inhibiting nano-particles of titanium phosphate and ceramic nano-particles and other Eco-friendly natural materials. Though clear to the naked eye when dried, it blocks the damaging effect that the sun and air has on surface materials. This added protection slows down color fading and dry rotting that occurs due to prolonged sun exposure.

In addition to the many benefits already mentioned, EVERSEAL 1.0 provides prolonged protection against permanent damage to treated surfaces from oxidation, weather-induced fading, hard water etching, bird droppings, salt, acid rain and industrial fallout for as long as the coating remains on the surface material.

 It is recommended that you have your vessel inspected by us every two years starting from the original purchase date.