No Questions Asked Warranty

Answering Your Questions

At Nautical Detailers llc in Wilmington, NC, we provide answers to all of your important questions about our product and services.


Can I get this clear coat product from someone else in your area?

No, we are the exclusive dealer for the Carolina's.

How long does it take to apply?

It depends on your boat’s length and width, whether it’s an open bow or center console and whether it has a cabin. Once we speak with you, we will be able to give you a more accurate answer. Generally a few hours.

Do you do boat detailing?

Yes, above the waterline. We offer light detailing services. This is called a two-stage detailing service. SEE OUR SERVICES PAGE

Do you offer a boat pick-up service?


I've heard of other products that have either yellowed or cracked

This is a topic that comes up often. The products out there that are not formulated by the chemists to make the product a "breathable" product is the issue. These products are made under the assumption that you will not own your boat for over 4 years. Over time the Gel Coat begins it's deterioration process which is the cause of the yellowing and or cracking effect. Our product is made to allow your what ever it bonds to to breath.

Do you really provide a warranty for this product for a full three years?

Yes, absolutely. This product has been a proven product in the automotive industry for more than 15 years. Our product has been reformulated for fiberglass, plus it has been infused with titanium for added protection from UV rays, including stain prevention. The product benefits last even longer. Extended warranty plan available.

What do I need to do to keep my boat looking shiny?

Washing your boat after every use, plus using our ceramic spray on/wipe off detailer every once in a while.

How long is the warranty available for transfer?

Three full years. When you have your boat detailed and sprayed with EverSeal 1.0 our clear coat, you have three years from date of application to transfer it to the new owner if you sell.

Do I need an appointment or just come by?

Appointments are necessary. Contact us to make an appointment.

I am convinced. What is my next step?

Make an appointment and we can begin our services.